The Urinal Dialogues- what’s it all about?

Mark My Words-Ink

The Urinal Dialogues-Intro 15 sec promo

Into the fringe fray we go.

A man walks into a bar….’s urinal….

Then what happens? The Urinal Dialogues happen.  A play that takes a look inside the Men’s Washroom…and asks the question – if men would talk, what would they say?
The is one playwright’s response to The Vagina Monologues.
 Yes, there is bathroom humour but this is a place where everything can be exposed. Unpredictable and unabashed. Ye who laughs first may not laugh last.
The Fringe Festival takes place in downtown Toronto – July 2nd -13th, 2014.
I am excited to report that Mario Dalimonte  has signed on as Director.  Mario is very respected in Community Theatre as both a Director and an Actor.  Mario has successfully been involved with the Fringe before.  I have previously worked with Mario in my role as actor, and found him to be excellent at getting the best out of…

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