A Lesson in PLAYING


This site is dedicated to the pursuit of the Arts.  Most of my posts have promoted and followed the journey of my play writing and production of “The Urinal Dialogues”.  This is now done and done.

This year’s Fringe Lottery win provides an opportunity to produce a very witty play created from the zany confluence of the eccentricities of the mind and life of friend and playwright, Labe Kagan.



A Play by Labe Kagan


This is the story of angels and angles, of friends and fiends .  The story of how allusive and tentative both can be and how profound their value when embraced.  It is a story that ebbs and flows with comedy and empathy.  It is the journey of souls. Watch as the bird of parody hops from perch to perch, from metaphor to meaning.

 Of course, all this is my perspective of the art created in this production.

What will you see from where you sit?

The Toronto Fringe Festival 2015 will be in play from July 1st to July 12th, 2015.


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