Men – take directions from Her

Jacqui Burke has joined and will take the a lead role in this year’s production of Labe Kagan’s play “A Lesson in Gabby“.   Jacqui comes to us with a wide range of experience including work in the Fringe.  I have worked with Jacqui in some capacity before in my Community Theatre experience and found her skilled, good natured and efficient and most affective.

A recent Scarborough Music Theatre production of  “The King and I” directed by Jacqui had the audience, including me, on its feet and the city abuzz with rave reviews.

We are now auditioning for the two principal roles in this all male cast, two-hander.

Here is the Audition Notice:


Contact:  Jacqui Burke ® 647-292-0210 ®



A Lesson in Gabby

(Toronto Fringe)

By Labe Kagan Directed by Jacqui Burke

Produced by Mark My Words-Ink

Auditions Thursday, February 19th, 7-10 pm

720 Bathurst Street (one block south of Bloor)

Blake Thorne Studio Rm. #401

Callbacks: Saturday, February 22, 2:30-5:45 pm

720 Bathurst Street (one block south of Bloor)

Neville Austin Studio #402

Rehearsal Days Tuesday evening 7-10 pm and Sunday afternoon 2-5 pm

(more as we approach opening) SUBJECT TO CHANGE

First rehearsal: Sunday, May 3, 2015

Rehearsal Space TBA
Show Dates Toronto Fringe Festival

July 1-12, 2015. Times TBA

Performance Space Toronto Fringe Venue (not site specific) TBA

Play Overview: Despite help from the angels and Melville (his best friend) Groucho, a Jewish comic playwright has a few lessons to learn before he can really move on after splitting with his wife. A lot.

Character Breakdown: Groucho:  (male, fifties) Groucho is a pot-smoking, grouchy, slob of a man (who happens to be a somewhat successful, if a bit quirky, playwright). He is obsessed with his ex-wife and can’t let her go. Melville: (male, fifties) Melville is a bright, dynamic real estate agent and actor who wants to see Groucho re-start his life and move on (even though he puts up with a lot from his friend) – uh, and make a full commission, besides.

Audition Requirements: Please provide a photo and resume and be prepared to perform a two minute comedic monologue.  Candidates may be required to read cold from the script.

To Book an Audition: Call:  647-292-0210   ®   Email:



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