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A Player before Dying

Cemetery Club Poster revised (2)



I have not been on stage of late and I am happy to return to my creative side in the up-coming- THE CEMETERY CLUB by Ivan Menchell.
I have come of age, well almost. In joining the cast of this staged reading, directed by my good friend and experienced Director, Merle Garbe, I was told to age myself up. That is for the first time in my thespian throng of collective characters, I was told that I could be perceived as too young for the role. Sign me up, I said. I’m in. Mind you, that is after I auditioned and was told that got the part.
This play speaks to the greying demographic, who recognize and respect their relationships of the past; but when those relationships die (literally) then what?
Interestingly my first play with Merle’s recently resigned, Encore Entertainment was as Sam the Pickle man in “Crossing Delancey” where I played the 30-something love interest. Now just shy of pickled, I play the butcher Sam.
It’s fun and frivolous and a good substitute for “Jane the Virgin” on a Monday night.
Come and bring your friends.
You can attend our one and only performance on Monday, June 6 at 7:30, at Temple Sinai, located at 210 Wilson Avenue, on the north side, between Bathurst and Avenue. It’s cash $15. at the door.