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Am I Blue…


I’m singin’ the blues.  That is.. in praise of the Labe Kagan’s Blues Bawls.  Labe has written an audacious and irreverent, melodious narrative following the exploits of those who narrow culture to cult. Stylized with jazzical, bluesy music and lyrics, collaboratively composed by the partnering of Allan Soberman and Labe Kagan, this romp into the unknown, unpredictable and unmentionable parts of human being, departs from the road most traveled.  Really it does… The story begins when four celibate, different shade of blues brothers are stranded at a broken down, off the path Mexican motel run by liberated Libby( Erin Roche), having been diverted from their promised rendezvous with their messianic leader.  The only other guests are four sexually liberated ladies looking for…well, you can figure it out. Hence the fix is in and the plot thins.  The characters find their voices in suggestive songs and colourful language providing some toe tapping, hum/sing along tunes and a fairly consistent audience laugh track.

Kagan adeptly chose a site specific intimate venue to share the performance of this, well directed by Jacqui Burk,  well cast work.  Certainly there are some stand-out performances delivered by Martin Buote (the definitive “Blueser” the protagonist),  Erin Roche (Libby), Jessica Callaghan(Christine- the ingenue), Lisa Ferreira(Kusbi – a very engaging siren) and Tom O’Neal (Daddyo -the Rebleader of the pack).  The music is magically, deftly arranged and delivered on keyboard by Sandy Thorburn.

This production enjoyed four sold out days at Jingles; and here’s the good part…return performances are expected.

I delayed in writing about this but I’m giving you advance notice to look for the return.