Back with a New Play – LOVE AS A VIRUS

I literally lost sight of this site – but now I am found – and it’s timely.

It was not the best of times but was it the worst of times – 2020? Life changed for everyone, but when doesn’t change happen and isn’t it always a transition of growth. Heck, even our dead remains can nurture nature.

Last year was another year and opportunity for me to enter the Toronto Fringe Festival 2020. Then all bets were off, including the Fringe season event. The pandemic had taken its toll and live theatre was all but swept away in viral waves that were like a tsunami to social gatherings.

The play that I had written; something organically sprouted from a previous work; was struggling for the voice in which it could be told. It was dark and dismal and weighted with sadness and heavy messaging, in far too many monologues. With the Fringe cancellation, it too went dark and dormant.

With time and opportunity to think and write at The Lakehouse – a family summer home located on a version of the beaches of Lake Ontario – I set to writing something new; inspired by what we now see and don’t see, behind the masks we must wear.

The question – does a virus have to infect sickness – or can it affect love?

I chose to look at the latter. This is a piece about light and love. Two positive forces that we can give and get.

…and so I’m back to present – the thing – and – the play’s the thing (so says Shakespeare)



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